Eagles Fan Jake Tapper Shreds New England: ‘The Patriots Are Cheaters…This Is Just a Fact’


Following the New England Patriots come-from-behind 24-20 AFC Championship victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon, the Philadelphia Eagles absolutely decimated the Minnesota Vikings to take the NFC Championship. Despite being underdogs on their home field, Philly scored 38 unanswered points to destroy Minnesota by 31 points and head to their first Super Bowl in 13 years.

Now that we know the combatants in Super Bowl LII, it is time for the battle lines to be drawn. And one of the biggest Philly fans in the cable news universe — perhaps the biggest? — made sure CNN’s viewers knew just how he felt about his team’s opponent today.

Speaking to colleague Brooke Baldwin, anchor Jake Tapper noted that one of the Eagles executives had seen all of his “insane pro-Eagle tweets” recently and invited him to the game last night. Tapper explained that he was able to bring his father and they were able to walk onto the field, something he tweeted about earlier today.

After Tapper debated whether or not he’d go to the Super Bowl because he was worried he could be bad luck for Philly, Baldwin explained that she was rooting for the Eagles due to the heartbreaking way her beloved Atlanta Falcons lost last year’s Super Bowl to the Pats. This led to Tapper just tearing apart New England.

“The Patriots are cheaters, Brooke,” he plainly stated as Baldwin giggled. “The Patriots cheat. This is just a fact that’s established by investigations. They are a cheating team.”

Obviously, Tapper was referencing the numerous allegations of shady tactics that the Patriots have engaged in over the years, namely Spygate and Deflategate. In both instances, New England was disciplined, with Deflategate leading to star quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

Baldwin jumped in to tell Tapper “good luck” with getting their colleague John Berman — a fervent Patriots fan — to buy that. Tapper shrugged and stated that the “facts speak for themselves.”

As you’d expect, Berman had something to say following the segment:

And Tapper responded:

This could get very nasty over the coming days.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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