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Ed Schultz Says Robert Gibbs Dropped The F-Bomb On Him

In a speech at Minnesota progressive talk radio AM950’s Blue State Bash, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz pulled back the curtain on an off-camera exchange he had with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. The host of The Ed Show says Gibbs dropped an “F-bomb” on him, but only after Schultz launched an “S-rocket” of his own. At issue was whether or not the White House fought hard enough for a public option, and whether Gibbs could re-train Schultz’s sights on the real enemy.

Here’s Schultz’s uncensored, NSFW description of the exchange (partial transcript here — video via

Schultz is right, by the way. If there was no agreement to keep the exchange off the record, then it wasn’t off the record. On the other hand, it’s not a great way to get people to want to be on your show.

I thought it was a little bit curious that Schultz felt the need to highlight Gibbs’ use of profanity, calling it a “Dick Cheney F-bomb,” when he opened the exchange with his own profanity. Now cursing is partisan? Why do Republicans get the F-word, and Democrats get shit? What do we do with the remaining 5 dirty words?

The part of the interview that did air was contentious, indeed. While Gibbs is right that health insurance companies oppose any health care reform, he ought to acknowledge that the Senate bill lets them off pretty easy, if it even passes.

Schultz, it should be noted, deviates from liberal orthodoxy and the facts somewhat when he says that the “left-wing base” is disappointed that the White House didn’t fight harder for a public option. That is, unless 80% can somehow be considered the fringe.

Here’s the Ed Show segment that Schultz is referring to:

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