comScore Eric Bolling: ‘Trump Has Fixed Most of the Obama Failures’

Eric Bolling: ‘Trump Has Fixed Most of the Obama Failures’

Fox NewsEric Bolling defended President Trump on Thursday and once again, urged the folks to ignore the media when assessing the performance of the President.

“Donald Trump is a popular president with real Americans,” Bolling said.

“Stop listening to the polls! Stop listening to the media! And stop listening to the anti-Trumpers! Listen to the people,” he urged.

Then Bolling praised the brief record of Donald Trump while comparing and contrasting it with that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

“When grading a presidency, the two most important factors are clearly the economy and national security,” according to Bolling.

He then presented a litany of perceived failures by the former President.

“President Obama presided over eight years of economic malaise. President Obama presided over the massive expansion of ISIS terror and homeland terror. President Obama presided over volatile civil unrest in our communities.”

“President Obama was a failed presidency,” he declared!

After sufficiently trashing Obama’s legacy, Bolling then sang the praises of the current commander-in-chief.

“President Trump, however, has a robust economy,” he said before giving a rundown of what he considers to be Trump’s biggest successes thus far.

“ISIS is just about defeated. The Supreme Court is intact and conservative. By the way, have you heard any race riots in Ferguson or Baltimore recently,” he asked.

“So, you decide which matters most — you’re economic well-being and your security or a conversation with a Mexican President?” Bolling wondered aloud. “Bottom line, Trump has fixed most of the Obama failures and I call that a success first six months.”

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