Erick Erickson Hits Fellow Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. For Embracing Trump Instead of God


Conservative evangelical Erick Erickson went after one of his own during an MSNBC segment this morning, taking shots at Liberty University president and Trump-fanboy Jerry Falwell Jr. for selling out his faith in exchange for White House access.

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough began the segment be suggesting he once had “a lot of respect” for Falwell Jr. and other faith leaders, but due to their unwavering support for President Donald Trump he said “no longer” does. Scarborough then asked Erickson how he believes Christians should respond to this, to which The Resurgent founder replied:

“I think people across pews in America need to remember that they need to seek their faith in God and not in Donald Trump, unlike a lot of these leaders. It’s kind of disappointing actually, that Jerry Falwell Sr. started this moral majority because of this collapse in culture, and his son [Falwell Jr.] has basically embraced the guy who is emblematic of the collapse of culture, with Donald Trump posing as he did in front of that playboy magazine Donald Trump was on.”

Erickson went on to note that conservative Christians are turning to Trump as they feel continually disenfranchised with popular culture, despite the president representing not-so-Christian ideals.

“A lot of evangelicals have turned to political figures because they feel like the world is out to get them. They really probably need to turn back to god and need to remember their faith,” concluded Erickson.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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