Ex-Sheriff Clarke Dismisses Jemele Hill as a ‘Back Bencher’ Who is Just Trying to Get Attention


Former Sheriff David Clarke — a man who spent so much time neglecting his sheriff duties and appearing on television he let a prisoner in his jail die of dehydration — dismissed ESPN reporter Jemele Hill as a “backbencher” vying for attention, in yet another appearance on Fox & Friends.

Hill waded into controversy after she called President Donald Trump a white supremacist on Twitter, leading some, including Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to call for her firing from ESPN.

Clarke, donning his signature toy-cowboy hat, was asked about the ordeal on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, and dismissed Hill as a “backbencher,” explaining that people like that “do or say things to bring attention to yourself to try to lift yourself up to where the stars are.”

The sheriff turned political pundit then argued that “when sports starts to seep into politics, it’s disastrous, and you can see that because you hear idiotic statements from people in sports.”

He continued that there’s a double standard, given that ESPN fired Curt Schilling after repeated warnings for inappropriate comments.

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt then asked about Trump: “Sheriff you know the president well, is he a white supremacist? Do you think he’s racist?”

“Furthest thing from it,” Clarke replied. “He’s one of the most generous individuals I know, especially when it comes to the black community.” (Someone alert the Central Park Five.)

The ex-sheriff mentioned an award Trump won in the 1980s alongside Rosa Parks, and Fox’s Brian Kilmeade began listing off Trump’s black friends as evidence of his tolerance.

Clarke served as Milwaukee County Sheriff for 15 years, often courting controversy and a number of lawsuits alleging mistreatment of prisoners — a number of whom died. He became a vocal supporter of Trump on cable news in the 2016 election, and almost joined the administration, but was reportedly stonewalled by adults. He resigned as sheriff this year, and now works at a pro-Trump PAC.

Watch his interview above, via Fox News.

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