Exclusive: Giuliani Now Claiming Biden ‘Bribed’ Former Ukrainian President


Rudy Giuliani called into America This Week and mounted stunning new allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden regarding the alleged Ukraine corruption that the Trump administration claimed to be investigating.

In what can be only called a very timely booking for host Eric Bolling, Giuliani went into great detail about his past and current role in trying to dig up dirt on President Donald Trump’s opponents and claimed that Biden bribed former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko.

The interview — a video of which was obtained by Mediaite — is set to air tonight on America This Week.

Bolling opened by noting how much the House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry hearings focused on him, which the former New York mayor dismissed by noting how few of the witnesses he actually met. “Even Sondland,” Giuliani noted of EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, “I talked to Sondland three times on the phone… I don’t think I’ve ever met Gordon.”

He then said, “first of all I never went to the Ukraine and number two, the only time I in any way represented the US in Ukraine is when Ambassador Volker asked me to meet with the assistant to President Zelensky.” He said all the other interactions he had with Ukraine were in the U.S. “in his role as private defense attorney for Donald Trump, obtaining evidence that will exonerate him from both the present impeachment charges and from the Mueller charges.”

Bolling noted that Sondland claimed to be following Giuliani’s lead in pushing to withhold military aid Ukraine, to which Trump’s defense attorney pushed back saying he had nothing to do with that allegation. “He’s completely wrong,” Giuliani replied, adding “I wasn’t holding back anything.”

Giuliani defended the Trump administration’s foreign policy saying, “The reality is the president is confronting Ukraine correctly, the country as a big problem with corruption.”

“You know the big thing in Ukraine about Biden?” Giuliani asked. “How he corrupted the United States of America. Just step back for a minute from this political garbage and consider just how horrible it is that a vice president of the United States bribed the president of a foreign country in order to fire a prosecutor who is investigating the vice president’s son, and every single person in Ukraine knows it.”

This assessment — provided without evidence — runs counter to much of the testimony put forth in the past few days from foreign service officials who testified before the House Intel Committee. Giuliani’s quadrupling down of this claim that Biden acted corruptly when he demanded Ukraine fire its top prosecutor is surely an effort to muddy those waters.

Watch above via Sinclair.

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