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Fmr. Governor of Puerto Rico Slams Trump on MSNBC: ‘He is Just Racist’

Alejandro García Padilla, the former governor of Puerto Rico, trashed President Donald Trump on MSNBC Thursday for his tweets claiming the U.S. would not keep FEMA and emergency responders on the hurricane ravaged island “forever.”

When asked about the president’s tweets by MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, the former governor said the remark “shows his lack of knowledge of federal law.”

“The law requires from FEMA to stay on the ground until the job is done,” Padilla explained. “So FEMA cannot get to a position and work for a couple of days and just hang around and then leave.”

Padilla added that Trump appears to not grasp the history of Puerto Rico, reminding that the island is not a U.S. territory out of choice, but that such a status was imposed on the island by Congress before the First World War.

“So it’s a duty of the United States to put their boots on the ground here in Puerto Rico,” the former governor said. “It’s not like we are begging. It’s what we deserve.”

And then, Padilla said that Trump’s comments are the product of the president “talking to his electoral base.”

“He is showing off that he is just racist,” Padilla continued. “Let’s call it by name.”

“That’s a pretty bold assertion there,” a taken-aback Melvin replied. “To call the president of the United States racist.”

Padilla held that he respects the office of the president, but stood by his comment, declaring that the way Trump handled the response “shows I think what he stands for.”

The former governor concluded that while he appreciates the efforts of House Speaker Paul Ryan to help his island, “it’s a shame for the United States, not only the way he treats Puerto Ricans, but the way he is handling the presidency.”

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