Fmr WH Official Defends Trump on CNN: A ‘Celebrity’ Wouldn’t Know Hush Payment Was Campaign Violation


Former White House legislative director and current CNN contributor Marc Short said that it’s understandable why President Donald Trump wouldn’t have understood the hush money payment during the campaign to be a violation.

Trump railed against Cohen on Twitter today and put the payment completely on him, calling his former lawyer a “great liability” and saying he never directed him to break the law:

On CNN this morning, Short defended Trump by saying he probably just didn’t know:

“Well, Erica, I think there’s two separate things. One is to say I did not direct my counsel to break the law, they’re the ones that should know the law. And I think there is a great debate as to whether or not a payment of this sort is actually a violation of campaign finance or not. I think it’s pretty realistic to say that somebody who is a celebrity who gets sued for these things would not know whether that’s a campaign violation or not.”

Anchor Erica Hill immediately responded by noting, “At that point he was no longer a celebrity. When you’re running for President of the United States, these are things that you need to know or surround yourself with people who do know that law.”

Short conceded that’s a “fair point” and added that “clearly Michael Cohen does not know the law.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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