MSNBC Guest on Bannon’s Claim Trump Isn’t Racist: Shouldn’t Ask ‘A Racist if Someone Else is Racist’


Tara Dowdell, a former contestant on The Apprentice, laid into former WH Chief Strategist Steve Bannon on AM Joy Saturday.

Host Joy Reid asked Dowdell if as a contestant on The Apprentice she felt then-show host Donald Trump was racist and played a clip of Bannon defending him.

“This guy is not a racist. He’s one of the most loving guys I’ve ever met. He’s a tough guy but I’ve never seen him as a racist. One thing I would say about populism, this kind of populist, nationalist movement you see throughout Europe, it is not racist,” Bannon told Piers Morgan.

“Well, asking a racist if someone else is racist, I’m not sure how there’s any credence that should be given to Steve Bannon of all people,” Dowdell said after the clip. “He … helped to develop and execute Trump’s racist strategy. It’s one thing to be racist. It’s another to have a racist strategy. ”

“I think that people think of racist as a zero sum game,” she continued. “They think they’re only racist if they’re outside your house burning a cross on it. So I think for Donald Trump … there are black people who are in his life [like] Omarosa. Crazy black people, but he has black people in his life. But while he does have that, at the same time, he thinks that that makes him not a racist.”

“I think he believes that people like me and people like Omarosa, who is very smart, that we are exceptional,” she added. “He does not believe all black people are gifted in the same way he makes these exceptions. So I think that’s an important distinction to note and that’s actually very common amongst a lot of white Americans.

“His view is not a standalone view which is why he was able to tap into that with so many white Americans and why his support overwhelmingly comes from white Americans,” she concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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