NYT’s Peter Baker Responds After Dan Bongino Trashes Him as a ‘Liar’ and ‘Imbecile’


Detective Spy Gate is at it again: Dan Bongino, the thrice failed congressional candidate who has revived his career as a Deep State conspiracist, slammed New York TimesPeter Baker as “fake news” for a factual statement the reporter made about the latest Russia probe indictment.

The pair’s spat went down on Twitter, after Baker linked to a New York Times report highlighting the timing of an attempt by Russians to break into servers of Hillary Clinton‘s office. That attempt, Robert Mueller‘s indictment revealed, happened in July 2016, the very same day Trump famously called on Russians, in a press conference, to find Hillary Clinton’s emails.

As Mediaite has previously noted, just because those two events happened the same day does not mean there is necessarily link between the two. The Times report does not claim proof of a link either.

Baker tweeted the Times story, along with the comment: “Trump publicly asked Russia to try to hack Hillary Clinton. And then on the same day, they did.”

Factually correct statement from Baker there.

Bongino disagreed, but instead of making his case to Baker, he used his well-honed nuance to slam the reporter:

A presumably confused Baker replied:

Bongino attempted to explain himself, pointing out that Russian infiltration attempts began months before Trump’s presser, in April 2016:

An accurate claim, but completely irrelevant to Baker’s.

Baker replied:

Bongino continued by calling Baker a “liar” and an “imbecile,” but it’s unclear how his claims contradict the New York Times report.

It might be too much to ask from a guy who thinks you make lemonade by blending whole, unpeeled lemons, but Mediaite awaits Bongino’s explanation of whatever it is he’s talking about.

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