Former Rep. Keith Ellison: NZ Shooter Citing Immigration ‘Signals’ Some Connection with Trump

Former Congressman Keith Ellison said because the New Zealand mosque shooter used the same words to describe immigrants as President Donald Trump, it shows there is a possible connection. Ellison was the first Muslim elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Well, I want to follow up on that because this coward who committed these killings in New Zealand put out this document that included language like invasion and invader, which is language that President Trump has used,” CNN’s John Berman said. “Now I’m not saying the president’s language caused these attacks — and when I brought this up with Congressman Adam Kinzinger, he said, you can’t put this on the president. What is the role in your mind of that type of language? What’s the impact of it?”

“Well, one thing, it signals that there is some connection,” Ellison explained, since the terms “invaders” and “invasion” are used by white supremacists in other countries, along with Trump.

“Also this term ‘replace.’ Replacement. They will not replace us. You see this term propping up, popping up all over the place as well. And I think that the language indicates a connection,” he continued. “The other thing I think it shows is — it’s — is an encouragement. And so if you are a motivated white supremacist, there’s a chance that you could think the president approves of what you’re doing. So those are two very scary things, and I think the vigilant need to take notice that this threat needs to be addressed.”

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) told Berman last week that while he does not agree with the language Trump uses, it would be wrong for people to blame Trump for the shootings.

“For the president to say I’m concerned with illegal immigration — to say that and go to a guy willing to kill 50 people he may say, President Trump is my idol. That doesn’t put it on president Trump,” Kinzinger said.”I don’t know what a sick man that would kill 49 people innocently was thinking. I don’t have any idea what was in his mind. I know this. It cannot be connected. We cannot say what is it President Trump is doing that is somehow triggering these people? This is an evil man that made a decision to murder 49 people. And that is on him. Frankly, the evil in his heart.”

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