Fox Anchor Tells Science Guy Bill Nye ‘You Are Confusing Our Viewers’ Over Climate Change

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” went on almost self-parodying Fox Business program Freedom Watch yesterday and found himself in a rather significant debate over Hurricane Irene, climate change and, well…the value of science with replacement host Charles Payne. The segment below starts innocently enough, but begins to feel like a remedial class in how scientific study works with Nye speaking in an increasingly slower pace to a host who proclaims “you are confusing our viewers.”

The 6-plus minute debate seems to based on whether or not the recent hurricane is reflective of a larger trending in global warming or not, but really ends up being about the value of scientific evidence. After host expresses his skepticism, Nye shoots back by saying “there’s a lot more science behind” the idea of global warming creating extreme weather than simply saying “it’s not.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Fox Business:

(H/T Media Matters)

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