Fox Business Guest to Lou Dobbs: If Obama Had Done What Trump Did on Ukraine, Would You Consider It a ‘Hoax’?


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs appeared on the Bulls & Bears panel Monday and discussed impeachment and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s interview last week with Bill Maher.

David Asman took note of the “big smiles” and the fist-bump during the interview, “yet she says it’s a somber event and she’s taking a very serious, prayerful tone.”

Dobbs said, “Americans are making it pretty clear that they’re opposed to impeachment.”

“It is a farce designed by none other than Adam Schiff. His screenplay is unfolding before our eyes, and it will evaporate like all bad products in Hollywood,” he added.

Jonathan Hoenig agreed that Pelosi’s “overplaying her political hand” and said this should be a somber affair.

But he also asked Dobbs, “If Obama had down exactly what Donald Trump has done, would you also think it’s a hoax and not worthy of pursuing by Congress?”

“Let me just give you a historical analogue,” Dobbs said in response. “On six occasions, the General [sic] Accountability Office held that [Obama] had violated the laws and there was no impeachment, yet this is one in which, with one violation in the style of what is an absolutely unenforceable opinion by the general counsel of the GAO in Ukraine, suddenly impeachment rolls ahead. I mean, it’s silly, it’s stupid, and it would not even be possible were it not for the complicity of the left-wing national media, which is a closed feedback loop on what is left-wing madness at this point.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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