Fox Contributor Marc Thiessen Defends Trump’s Church Visit: ‘If They Were Peaceful Protesters, There Would Be No Need to Use Tear Gas’


Conservative columnist and Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen defended the D.C. police’s forceful removal of White House protesters with the justification that “if they were peaceful protesters, there would be no need to use for teargas.”

Speaking with Ed Henry on America’s Newsroom, Thiessen scoffed at the outrage President Donald Trump drew for holding a photo-op at the St. John’s Episcopal Church just after police used munitions to clear peaceful protesters out of Lafayette Park. While Trump’s critics and the church’s officials have condemned him for using the house of worship for political theater, Thiessen argued that the “bigger sacrilege” was that the church was desecrated amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

“As for clearing out the protesters, I’m sorry. He’s the president of the United States,” Thiessen said sarcastically. “If he wants to walk across Lafayette Park to St. John’s Church, he can do so. That’s the Secret Service’s job.”

Thiessen went on by comparing Trump’s excursion to presidents who’ve had streets cleared of traffic to accommodate their motorcades. He returned to the subject of the protesters by saying “if they had to use tear gas, what does that say about” them?

“If they were peaceful protesters, there would be no need to use tear gas,” Thiessen said. “It means they resisted. The Secret Service has the absolute legal right to clear Lafayette park in order for the president to go over to St. John’s Church…They asked three times for them to clear up peacefully and they refused. So those are not peaceful protesters.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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