Fox Frenemies Geraldo Rivera, Leo Terrell Team Up to Bash Chicago Mayor Over ‘Racist’ POC Media Rules


Fox News viewers know a brawl is almost surely brewing whenever Geralda Rivera and Leo Terrell are on the air together. The two network contributors are known to clash on a variety of sociopolitical topics, and Mediaite has covered their conversations in the past since they have a knack for getting heated.

On Thursday, Rivera and Terrell had an unusual meeting of the minds as they panned Lori Lightfoot (D) over her new media policy.

The two joined Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom, who asked them to talk about how the Chicago mayor is criticizing the lack of racial diversity in the media. Lightfoot announced, to this end, that her office is “prioritizing media requests from POC reporters,” which has raised eyebrows because of the implicit selectiveness in who gets to cover her up close.

Rivera was asked for his reaction first, and he called it a “very weird and racist policy” from the mayor.

“In solidarity with my white brethren, I will not ask this mayor for any interviews,” Rivera said. “She has a whole lot more on her plate than the race of the reporter asking her the tough question.”

Hemmer then asked Terrell what the reaction would’ve been ” if a white mayor in America said anything close to this,” and Terrell ignited over the idea that Lightfoot’s policy would bar Hemmer from interviewing her.

If a white mayor said the same thing, you would have CNN and MSNBC and Black Lives Matter protesting and burning down this country. In other words, I can go interview this lady, which I would never do, but Bill Hemmer cannot. Bill Hemmer with more experience. But because of Bill Hemmer’s skin color? Let’s be clear. It’s not ‘weird.’ She is a racist. Let’s be clear. Black woman, mayor, a racist because she won’t let Bill Hemmer do an interview but let Leo Terrell. Never would I do this. I find it repugnant.

“We’re losing our minds, guys,” Hemmer reacted.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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