Fox & Friends Airs Montage of Media Figures and Politicians Saying the Same Words As Proof of … Something


The mainstream media and Democratic lawmakers trying to provide congressional oversight to the White House are in total cahoots! Or at least, that was the suggested thesis on display Monday morning when President Donald Trump’s favorite cable news program Fox & Friends aired a montage that showed politicians and media figures all saying the SAME WORDS.

The curious relationship between familiar television pundits and political parties is nothing new, and the use of talking points by both parties has long been a tactic in trying to drive a favorable political narrative. But Fox & Friends producers aimed to make that point by airing a montage that compares specific words and phrases said by politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff and Joe Biden and cable news figures like Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd and Dana Bash (among others.)

The specific words and phrases used to make their case, however, are mostly culled from standard language used to describe the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump. “Betrayal of office,” “obstructing justice” and “cover-up” are pretty common descriptors to explain a White House embattled by numerous reports of alleged “quid pro quo” of holding up military aid to a foreign power in return for an investigation into Trump’s political rival, Joe Biden.

Following the montage, Dan Bongino was asked to opine on “some common words” just broadcast and the Fox News contributor. Bongino dismissed the Democratic politicians and media figures saying “they are not particularly bright,” adding “you think they would have a more creative portfolio, modifiers and adjectives”  to describe what he believes to be a “hoax.”

Then is sort of went exactly how you’d expect. If you are a loyal Fox & Friends viewer, you love this segment as a reinforcement of your existing bias. If not, then well you won’t.

Watch above via Fox News.

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