Fox & Friends Chides White House for Unfilled Government Positions — and Trump Responds


Fox & Friends had Laura Ingraham on Tuesday morning to discuss the federal response to Harvey, as well as the staggering number of unfilled positions in President Donald Trump’s administration and government agencies like FEMA — and it appears the president was watching.

Fox & Friends usually takes aim at Democrats for holding up Trump’s nominees, but surprisingly joined Ingraham in some light chiding of the president Tuesday for leaving the government woefully understaffed during a crisis.

“Where’s the staff? Where’s Homeland Security? Where are the nominations? Why are they being held up and why are so many positions don’t have nominees for them yet?” Fox host Brian Kilmeade asked.

Ingraham agreed, pointing out that a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) director wasn’t appointed until June.

“I think we can all look at these horrific pictures and we can conclude that a federal government does need staff,” said famed Big Government-advocate Ingraham.

“We see it acutely in need of staff in a situation like this,” she continued, noting the administration is facing a number of crises.

Kilmeade pointed out that 117 government staffers are awaiting confirmation, and 366 positions don’t even have a nominee.

“This is a question that has to be posed to the administration,” Ingraham said. “I know they have a lot on their hands, but we have to have people in place.”

“If there’s a plan to not staff and cause the ultimate shrinkage of government, lets hear about that as well,” Ingraham added.

And it seems Trump fancied that idea, as shortly after the segment he took to Twitter to claim the shrinkage of government was his plan all along:

Watch the segment above, via Fox News.

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