Fox & Friends Guest: ‘Appaling’ That Don Lemon, Jake Tapper Hosted CNN Debate After Calling Trump’s Rhetoric Racist


As Fox & Friends covered CNN’s 2020 Democratic debate on Thursday morning, they debated whether Jake Tapper and Don Lemon should have been disqualified as moderators because they have called out Donald Trump’s rhetoric as “racist.”

The panel was joined by conservative radio host Larry Elder, who scoffed at the candidates who said on the stage last night that the president is racist. After Elder smacked the candidates over several of their positions, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade turned the discussion toward the moderators who oversaw the debates so far.

“Rachel Maddow, you know she has an opinion, you watch it every night,” Kilmeade said, “She played fair and balanced out there, plus it’s all Democrats she’s talking to. You had assumptive questions from a moderator. I am not used to that.”

“Well Don Lemon is not a reporter, he is a commentator, they ought to bill him as such” Elder responded. “He has continually called the president a racist, as, by the way, has Jake Tapper. Neither one of them should have been there.”

“Once you call the president of the United States a racist, that is a problem,” Elder said.

A Quinnipiac poll out last week found a majority of Americans — 51% — believe Trump is a racist. A Fox News poll found that 56% of Americans believe Trump’s “go back” comments directed at lawmakers of color was racist. That same Fox News poll found 57% of Americans think Trump does not respect racial minorities.

Elder continued to describe the presence of the CNN hosts as a “problem” because “as much as anybody dislikes President Trump, you have to admit whether or not he is a racist is an opinion, not a fact.”

While both Lemon and Tapper have indeed called out Trump’s rhetoric as “racist” in recent weeks, Mediaite could not find evidence of Tapper explicitly referring to the president as “a racist.” Lemon has been less reserved.

“When you have reporters saying Donald Trump is a racist, Don Lemon saying what do you say about Trump supporters who put the economy above Trump bigotry, you have invalidated yourself as a journalist,” Elder went on. “It’s just appalling to me.”

Elder’s comments come shortly after Trump proclaimed himself “the least racist person in the world” while calling Lemon “stupid” and “dumb” for asking Democratic candidates about the president’s racial controversies.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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