Fox & Friends Teases ‘Great American Eclipse’ Because…Of Course They Did


Well this is kind of fun. And weird. Let’s establish a few things at the outset…

First, almost everyone seems very excited about the “eclipse of the century” happening later today, which will be a complete solar eclipse for parts of the United States. Secondly, this cosmic dance of the sun, earth and moon is the sort of delightful planetary event that transcends the standard partisan political fare we typically see on cable news, and comes at a time when the political divide seems particularly harsh and unpleasant.

Enter Fox & Friends — aka President Donald Trump‘s favorite television program — which teased an upcoming segment on the coming eclipse as the “Great American Eclipse.” Fox News Chief Meteorologist Janice Dean, was having fun with the segment — the forecaster posed for selfies whilst wearing “eclipse glasses.”

Now, Ms. Dean is a widely respected and long-time player on the Fox & Friends world, and her role of as “weather person” rarely, if ever, has anything to do with politics. So she gets a pass on this weird segment.

But it’s oddly fun to imagine the production meeting that led to branding this segment in such an overtly nationalistic manner. “Everyone’s talking about the eclipse on Monday, but how do we cover it in our own Fox & Friends way? I got it! The Great American Eclipse! I Love it!”

UPDATE: Turns out… “Great American Eclipse” is a term that has been widely used by a broad swath of outlets including The Washington Post, Mashable and numerous other outlets.

As SNL‘s Gilda Radner used to say as her Emily Litela character:

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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