Fox & Friends Thrilled By Trump’s ‘Coming out Swinging’ at NATO Breakfast: He ‘Blows Em Up!’


The cable news morning shows opened with the cannonball President Donald Trump dumped on NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at a breakfast ahead of the NATO leaders’ summit in Brussels.

“Germany is totally controlled by Russia,” Trump said, referencing Germany’s reliance on Russian gas, as the breakfast was broadcast on live television.

MSNBC and CNN were scathing in their reactions to the breakfast, calling the public attacks on an ally “diplomatic malpractice,” and “exactly what Putin wants.”

Fox & Friends, meanwhile, was thrilled by the act of aggression, with host Ainsley Earhardt announcing Trump was “coming out swinging.”

“So maybe it is working, if Germany is increasing their defense spending,” Earhardt noted. “I mean that was a breakfast!”

“Blows ’em up!” co-host Steve Doocy exclaimed.

“We’re protecting Germany from Russia, and yet they’re buying energy from Russia,” Earhardt added.

Fox & Friends aired another video of Trump slamming NATO spending disparity at a photo op with Stoltenberg, and Doocy pointed out that the president has referred to NATO as “obsolete,” before asking if he “wants out” from the alliance.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade pushed back, saying “Oh no he better not want out. It would be a disaster. It’s the most successful alliance of modern times.”

Doocy questioned what the American people get from NATO, given how much the U.S. spends on the alliance (Note: while previous administrations have pushed NATO allies to contribute more to the alliance, we’re not paying what we do from nothing: keeping an American hand in Europe has been an invaluable part of U.S. foreign policy since WW2).

“I doubt we would ever pull out but if we did, it would be huge for our other allies — for these other countries,” Earhardt said. “Because who would cover their defense?”

“That’s a whole other continent over there,” Kilmeade said dismissively.

Kilmeade pointed out that after the September 11 attacks, NATO sent troops to Afghanistan “immediately.”

“Do they need to pay more? Yes,” he continued. “This president’s already getting results from Europe. Push the rest of the way, make the alliance stronger, but don’t blow it up.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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