Fox Host Warns of Human-Animal Hybrids: ‘Democrats Will Have Blood on Their Hands’


Fox News Primetime host Tammy Bruce took viewers on quite a journey Thursday night by warning them about “human chimeras living among us.”

Bruce cited the Senate’s passage this week of a $247 billion bill intended to increase American competitiveness in scientific research and development, particularly with respect to China. She noted that last month, Democrats voted down an amendment that would have prohibited U.S. participation in research to create “certain types of human-animal chimeras.”

“China is already doing it,” said Bruce, pointing to an April report about a team of scientists in China creating the first ever embryos that were part human and part monkey. They were kept alive for 20 days.

Creating such chimeras may be able to help scientists better understand early genetic development and forge new ways to treat diseases, but the practice is not without ethical controversy.

During the show’s segment, a graphic warned, “Mutants are coming.”

“The only question is,” said Bruce, “What will they do next?”

“Chimeric research is Pandora’s box, that’s obviously from hell, that should not be opened. But the scientific community, spurred on by their own hubris, may very well open it, using American taxpayer dollars. And if that happens the Democrats will have blood on their hands for not joining the GOP and stopping it when they had a chance.”

Bruce then turned to journalist Lara Logan for her thoughts.

Watch above via Fox News.

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