Fox Is Losing Its Damn Mind over Scheduled Brooklyn Flag Burning


Fox & Friends devoted a significant chunk of its Wednesday morning broadcast to a flag-burning event scheduled for this evening in Brooklyn’s Fort Green Park, wondering if it was a prelude to imminent terror attacks, blaming Barack Obama and Eric Holder, and even likening it to the actions of Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.

The event grew out of a desire to protest Roof’s assassination of nine African-American churchgoers by burning the Confederate flag, which still flies above South Carolina’s state house; Roof had been photographed multiple times with the flag, making its white supremacist subtext text.

But Disarm NYPD expanded the event to include the American flag, which they claimed was “a symbol of oppression and genocide.” Of 300 RSVPs the group expects about 150 to attend, which means 20.

The F&F troika wasn’t just offended, but worried the act could facilitate terrorism ahead of the 4th of July weekend. PRECURSOR TO TERROR, read the chyron below one of at least five different segments over two hours. “This could open the door for terrorists to take action while our resources are placed in one area, and also just open the door for terrorists to take action in our nation’s capital, right here in New York City,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck warned, though the station’s own reporting — aired during the show! — clarified that none of the July 4th terrorist threats so far were credible.

Fox in-house Freudian unicyclist Keith Ablow faulted Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and Gotham Mayor Bill de Blasio:

“These folks have been led down the wrong path by a president, a former attorney general, and a mayor of New York City, who encourage people to hate others, who encourage people not to see in this country the evolving story of tolerance and brotherhood, but instead to see in history elements that were ugly…When you elect a president who attended a church with a pastor tells people America’s reprehensible and people vote for him anyhow because he has a nice smile, this is what happens. You fracture your culture.”

Meanwhile, legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. linked the scheduled burning to Roof himself, who appeared in a photo burning the American flag, though for somewhat different reasons:

“These folks are, in my view, the cultural cousins, cultural brothers and sisters of that maniac murderer in Charleston who decided he was going to burn the flag and show it on social media. There’s little difference between what they do and what he did. They’re on different ends of the same continuum of behavior.”

The hosts even quizzed a couple elected representatives for their responses, including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R), who at least intimated that the mass shooting the flag burning was protesting seemed a slightly bigger deal.

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