Poll: Trump in Second Place Among GOP Voters

trumpCelebrity plutocrat Donald Trump got his money’s worth from a dramatic and controversial presidential announcement: the candidate no one wants to take seriously is now polling second among Republicans, according to a new poll from CNN/ORC.

CNN found Trump polling with 12%, seven points down from non-prohibitive frontrunner Jeb Bush, but also a level up from the rest of the pack. Trump’s showing is a nine-point boost from last month. The candidate also scored well on Republicans’ choice to best handle the economy and immigration.

Trump surprised many when he actually filed to run for president two weeks ago as opposed to just boasting about it. He also upset the GOP establishment, which wants to keep as far away from his high-wire act as possible, especially after the real estate mogul started a fire over immigration that will do little to endear the party to the growing Hispanic demographic.

Neurosurgeon headline-generator Ben Carson and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) split third place with 8% each, while Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) came in fifth. That’s an especially disappointing showing for Rubio, who received a bump of his own following his announcement last month.

All standard poll caveats apply, including the thing about how nobody votes for months and months.

[h/t CNN]
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