Fox News Guest Jokes He’s Afraid Hillary Might Murder Him on a Fishing Trip

Canadian author Mark Steyn appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to react to the Fox News host’s interview with former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile — and did so by suggesting that Hillary Clinton is a murderer.

Tucker Carlson asked Steyn — whose appearances on Fox News seem to be entirely composed of quips — what he thought of Brazile’s remark that she leaked debate questions to Clinton in 2016 so that the candidate would not be “blindsided.”

Steyn reacted by telling the Fox News host that he should take Brazile up on her offer to go fishing, as Carlson struggled to contain his laughter.

“I’d rather go fishing with Donna Brazile than go fishing with Hillary Clinton,” Steyn continued, “because you get the feeling you’ll be sleeping with the fishes by the end of the afternoon if you go fishing with Hillary.”

A beaming Carlson let out a chuckle at that remark, and Steyn continued on his quip rampage.

The theory that the former secretary of state is a murderer has circulated in conspiracy theory hellholes for decades — i.e. theories about Hillary and husband Bill’s “body bags” — and was revived during the 2016 election, thanks to the unsolved murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Nonetheless, it’s still somewhat jarring to see the conspiracy so playfully suggested on primetime cable news.

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