Fox News Debate Preparation Somehow Involves A Play On The Dating Game

In preparation for the Fox News Republican Debate tonight, Megyn Kelly sat down with Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and Neil Cavuto to preview what viewers should expect (Kelly, Cavuto, and Wallace are moderating, with Baier hosting). Noting the seating arrangement — with Kelly on one side facing the three men — the four decided to play off a Dating Game theme, throwing in jokes alongside the serious analysis.

Wallace, who has caught some flak for his recent comments on Ron Paul, took a few serious moments to say that he stood by his feeling that a Paul win in the Iowa caucus diminishes the relevancy of the event. Cavuto jumped in, saying that it’s wrong to dismiss Paul’s hypothetical win:

“You can’t besmirch a candidate if he or she wins because it might seem like that candidate’s outside the mainstream.”

When Kelly pressed Cavuto for his impressions of the moderating experience so far, he quickly replied, “Chris is rude.” He later also added, “I can carry the nerd element here.”

Kelly then asked each “bachelor” if they were nervous, and what their pre-game ritual was:

Baier: “You always get a little bit nervous at the beginning. big crowd, big viewership. I always call my 4 1/2 year-old to get some words of wisdom.”

Wallace: “I will go sit in a room by myself, completely quiet for about 20 minutes before the debate and just go over the questions and think about it and think about how they might respond and follow ups I might ask and I just want to own the material before I go in.

Cavuto: “I am nervous. You guys have been cool as a cucumber before this. I’m going to have a Ralph Kramden ‘core a apple’ moment. I know that. It’s well worth it for viewers to stick around to watch. So when the first question comes, Bret’s ready with, ‘Okay, we’ll take over the derivatives questions.'” (“That’s why I have all of the questions,” Baier added. “Just in case somebody leaves the stage momentarily.”)

Watch the entire preview clip below, courtesy of Fox News:

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