Fox News Expert: Bomb Suspect ‘Could Be Someone Trying to Get the Democratic Vote Out’


Former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker said on Fox News Wednesday that the explosive devices mailed to various political figures this week could have been the work of someone “trying to get the Democratic vote out.”

Details remain scarce on the explosive devices mailed to a number of liberal political figures, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros. Another device was discovered inside CNN’s headquarters in New York, addressed to former CIA director and NBC News contributor John Brennan.

But let’s not let a lack of details get in the way of some good speculation from pundits:

“We’re already seeing a little bit of a pattern,” Swecker said on Fox News’ Outnumbered. “They’re going to be looking at this as a potential terrorist motive, whether it’s on one side or the other.”

“And as you correctly pointed out earlier, this doesn’t necessarily mean someone is espousing some sort of conservative ideology and targeting Democrats,” he continued. “It could be someone who is trying to get the Democratic vote out and incur sympathy.”

“That’s an interesting point,” co-host Melissa Francis said.

“And that’s why we always caution against that speculative…” Faulkner said. “They could be the same facts for different reasons as you’re pointing out.”

Swecker isn’t the first to suggest the bomb threats are a false flag operation. MAGA Twitter has been abuzz with conspiracy theories about the pipe bombs being the work of Democrats…

Watch above, via Fox News.

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