MAGA Twitter Thinks Mailed Explosives Are Part of A Hoax: ‘A Left Wing False Flag?’


The apparently coordinated mailing of explosive devices to Democratic party leaders and CNN studios let to a flurry of stories trying to make sense of a still fluid story, and will almost certainly launch a thousand predictable long-form think pieces about the dangers of heated political rhetoric.

The best essays will come after a period of reflection as the reporting of the nuts and bolts of a still-unfolding story begins to emerge, but there appears to be at least one political province of commentators who have made a quick assessment of the multiple mailings of explosive devices: #MAGA Twitter.

The most loyal defenders of President Donald Trump‘s administration appear to think that this coordinated story is made of whole cloth; that it’s simply a hoax or “October Surprise” designed to gin up fear in the run-up to the midterm elections less than two weeks away.

Nevermind the fact the logic of this conspiracy suggests that for it to work, nearly everyone involved would have to be somehow in on it. Federal officials, Secret Service officials and hundreds of dozens of local officials from the Florida office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schulz (D-FL), to the Time Warner-based mailroom employees and all parts in between.

A cursory lap of MAG Twitter reveals the following:

The son of former NSA Director Michael Flynn (who has pled guilty for lying to the FBI) got in on the act:

Upon further reflection, however, Flynn Jr. revealed that he, in fact, didn’t know if this was a “false flag”:

Not all conservative voices were all in on the hoax theory, however. Frequent Fox News’ guest Ben Shapiro provided some sanity on this particular take:

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