Geraldo Rivera Clashes With Fox & Friends: ‘ICE Has to Be Reformulated’


Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera called for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to “be reformulated” to stop focusing on deporting noncriminal undocumented immigrants.

Rivera, who made the comments while appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, began by arguing that President Donald Trump’s migrant family separation policy “caused him endless heartache and heart burn, and undermined his moral high ground on the issue.”

“You cannot see the pictures of ICE going to the homes of otherwise law-abiding, undocumented immigrants, many of whom who have been here for decades, many of whom have citizen children in the middle of night, ramming in the door and taking the person out to be deported,” Rivera said. “And that’s why I think ICE has to be reformulated.”

“No,” Fox & Friends‘ Brian Kilmeade replied.

Co-host Steve Doocy responded by asking what to do with criminals, and Rivera agreed that undocumented immigrants with hardened criminal records are “different.”

Rivera continued suggesting that the “enforcement and removal” side of ICE should be end:

“I think what has to happen is absolute separation of the two functions. ICE is an honorable, honored law enforcement agency that is, that is given the job, the very difficult job, of blowing up transnational criminal organizations, gangbangers, drug dealers, drug cartels, and those guys. ICE investigations — they are heroes in the eyes of fellow law enforcement and the people. But the enforcement and removal people, that is very, very difficult — it’s not fair to them.”

Kilmeade fired back by asking how the U.S. can enforce its immigration policies without ICE.

As for the idea of a massive wall on the US-Mexico border, Rivera argued that it won’t actually stop criminals or drugs from getting into the country, but will instead exist to “psychologically” ease the minds of Americans who “need the wall on the southern border because [they’re] scared that the demographic makeup of the country is changing.”

When Ainsley Earhardt mentioned the abolish ICE movement as an example of incivility in the American political discourse, Rivera replied rhetorically asking “where did abolish ICE come from” and adding that “it didn’t really get the momentum until you started seeing six year olds and four year olds separated from the parents.”

“I want MS-13 out,” he added. “I don’t care about Juan and Maria, 10 years 20 years, and have a kid.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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