Fox News Host Criticizes Trump’s Wall: He Still Doesn’t Have a ‘Plan’ to Build It After 2 Years


Fox News host Leland Vittert criticized President Donald Trump’s wall proposal today, questioning why the White House and Department of Homeland Security still don’t have a plan to build the barrier after two years.

Vittert, who made the comments during a segment with conservative writer and former Politico editor David Mark, began the discussion by asking “what does this wall look like?”

“We haven’t heard that from the administration. We’ve seen some tweets from the president that have steel slats with spikes on top, he’s talked about how it’s going to be,” Vittert said. “It will be big, it’s going to be beautiful, it’s going to do all these things. But even Republicans in Congress have told me, ‘Look, it would be a lot easier to fight Democrats on this if we actually had a plan — and that we’re going to have a concrete wall from here to here, we’re going to have a wall with slats so Border Patrol can see through it from there to there.”

“This is the president of the United States’ signature domestic policy,” he continued. “It’s been two years, are you telling me in two years, DHS and the White House couldn’t come up with this plan and say, ‘Here’s the plan for the wall. Now go enact it, Congress.’”

Mark responded to the host’s critiques by saying the Trump administration isn’t really “about those kinds of specifics.”

“Governing is actually in the details. You’d think that Republicans would have learned that — repeal and replace Obamacare, where they talked about it so many years, but when it came time to repeal it and replace it, they didn’t have any replacement,” Vittert concluded.

Trump opted to shut down the government after Democrats refused to spend $5 billion to fund border security. However, he took to Twitter today and pitched “a deal” to Nancy Pelosi.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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