Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Loses It in Wild AOC Rant: She is a ‘Mindless Moron’


Fox News’ Pete Hegseth went all out on Tuesday when he tore into Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for defending the healthcare system veterans have with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Washington Examiner reports that during a town hall event last week in New York City, Ocasio-Cortez said she opposes privatizing the VA when it already provides the “highest quality” of healthcare for veterans. While years of reporting on the VA have raised numerous questions about the quality of care and service provided by the current system, Ocasio-Cortez argued that changes will only result in the health organizations obtaining new opportunities to profit.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “They are trying to fix the VA for pharmaceutical companies, they’re trying to fix the VA for insurance corporations, and ultimately they’re trying to fix the VA for a for-profit healthcare industry that does not put people or veterans first.”

As Fox & Friends noted Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks, Hegseth went on a critical rebuke of her argument before he eventually cut loose and stepped on the gas.

“She is a moron, I’m gonna say it. Especially on this issue, she is a mindless moron who knows nothing of this topic, goes in front of government union groups, and says if it is not broken don’t fix it…She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

Note the moment where Hegseth seems to barely hold himself back from calling Ocasio-Cortez an “idiot.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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