Ex-WH Official Claims Trump Schedules Meetings Based on ‘Whatever He Saw on Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends may have more influence over President Donald Trump than was even previously thought.

In a story about how Chief of Staff John Kelly has pretty much lost whatever grip he ever had over the president, Politico reported that Trump adds meetings the day of to his daily schedule in an appointment book, and changes the advisers invited to specific meets on a whim.

“He comes down for the day, and whatever he saw on Fox and Friends, he schedules meetings based on that,” the one former White House official told Politico. “If it’s Iran, it’s ‘Get John Bolton down here!’ … If he’s seen something on TV or [was] talking to [Sean] Hannity the night before, he’s got lots of flexibility to do whatever he wants to do.”

Additionally, Politico reports that Trump regularly turns “scheduled gatherings into freewheeling discussions of subjects that suit his interests — including those suggested to him by his coterie of outside advisers.”

A few months ago, it was reported that Hannity is considered by many in the White House the “unofficial chief of staff”. The account that Fox & Friends is a big factor in what the president chooses to talk about further supports the idea that the president is heavily influenced by Fox News personalities and programming – perhaps to the point of concern.

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