Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Inviting Taliban Leaders to Camp David in First Place Was a ‘Bad Idea’

On Fox News this afternoon, Jesse Watters said that the idea Taliban leaders would be given a platform with the president at Camp David was just a “bad idea.”

President Donald Trump said this weekend he had invited Taliban leaders to talks at Camp David — and defended the idea in principle today by saying other “bad people” have been there for talks — but called it off after they took credit for an attack in Kabul that killed a U.S. soldier.

As the hosts of The Five discussed the news, Watters said, “I don’t like the symbolism of the Taliban coming to Camp David.”

He said the Taliban leaders “make Kim Jong Un look refined” and that that they “personally commit atrocities… and do horrible horrible things you can’t even say on television.”

“So to give them that Camp David platform I think was a bad idea and I’m glad the president canceled it,” he added.

Watters acknowledged that there’s been “bad guys” at Camp David before, “but not to this level.”

Dagen McDowell went off Watters’ point and said the response from Americans to hearing the Taliban would be at Camp David was “Oh, hell no.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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