Fox News’ Jesse Watters Lumps Together Joy Reid, CNN and ISIS: ‘Not Good Things to Be in The Trump Era’


During a 13-minute long segment on the mainstream media’s coverage of President Donald Trump, the always gaudy Fox News host Jesse Watters threw an outlandish slight at cable news rivals CNN and MSNBC — seemingly comparing them to the terrorist group ISIS and criminal organization MS-13.

His comment took place on Fox News’ The Five, where Watters explained his reasoning in lumping together cable news hosts and a terror cell by saying, “To Joy Reid, you know, in the Trump era, you know what it’s bad to be? A Democrat. Also bad to be a member of MS-13 or ISIS or someone that works for CNN.”

However, co-host Greg Gutfield attempted to reel-in Watters before he continued his high-speed drive off the rails, laughingly responding, “Are you comparing her to ISIS? I want to make sure you’re not!”

While Watters denied that he was making such a comparison, he prefaced, “I’m saying those things right now are not good things to be in the Trump era” — implying that mainstream media pundits and a terrorist group responsible for countless deaths are somehow equal adversaries to the current White House.

Reid’s recent cover story in New York Magazine‘s Vulture acted as the center of the debate, as the MSNBC weekend host claimed Donald Trump‘s presidency is “the worst time to be a human.”

Co-host Gutfeld responded to Reid’s comments at the top of the show by saying, “Dear, let’s think about that! Reid, a journalist said that this is probably the worst time to be a human?… [Reid] forgets and insults hundreds of millions who died in the worst times ever. Hey, hysteria pays the bills.”

Gutfeld went on to say that Reid’s comments on Trump were solely “playing to anger and resentment,” also adding that he “can’t believe” the weekend cable news host believes here own words.

The more mild-mannered Five host Dana Perino then attempted to steer the program to a more level-headed take on Reid’s piece, applauding her cable news rival. “I read that entire interview with her and I came away thinking I actually kind of liked her… That one line she probably wanted to take out of it — she does benefit from being anti-Trump in today’s media,” said Perino.

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