Fox News’ Outnumbered Hosts Clash Over Trump, Russia: Let’s Talk About Hillary Clinton…


Things got messy on Outnumbered Wednesday as they debated whether President Donald Trump would be facing criminal charges right now if he weren’t in office.

The breakdown happened when the panel discussed Hillary Clinton‘s recent comments that Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s obstruction of justice findings would’ve resulted in indictments against Trump under a different set of circumstances. As Melissa Francis argued that there was “no hint” of Russian collusion, Fox News liberal contributor Juan Williams retorted with the infamous Trump Tower-Russian lawyer meeting.

“Why did he lie about the Trump Tower meeting? Why is he trying to fire the special counsel?” Williams said. “Not only did he lie about it, he got his son to lie about in terms of what he wrote in that memo explaining the Trump Tower meeting.”

Enter Katie Pavlich, who tried to cut Williams off by bringing the conversation back to Clinton: “Let’s talk about what Hillary Clinton said, which is quite rich…”

Francis kept the focus on Williams’ point, though she asked him what he makes of how “everybody” takes meetings to obtain opposition research. Williams countered that it was an “illegal” attempted transaction with a foreign government, and the panel heated up about whether there was an actual crime.

Pavlich eventually did bring the discussion back to Clinton, saying again it was “rich” of her to call for Trump’s impeachment after her email scandal. Lisa Boothe followed up by calling Clinton “delusional and arrogant” and decrying how differently Clinton’s investigation was treated compared to Trump’s.

Williams got back in the mix to argue that the Trump Campaign welcomed Russia’s actions in 2016, and that led to another spat about Clinton’s connection to the Fusion GPS dossier.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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