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Fox News Panel Falls Apart After Katrina Pierson Suggests Slavery Is ‘Good History’

A conversation on Fox & Friends turned into a major meltdown today after Katrina Pierson said slavery and the Southern Confederacy’s legacy contribute to the positive aspects of American history.

The former Trump campaign spokeswoman faced off with John Hopkins University Professor Wendy Osefo earlier today in order to talk about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi‘s effort to remove Confederate statues from Congress. This comes as the nation continues to discuss the public presence of conservative monuments after the race-fueled nastiness that took place recently in Charlottesville.

Pierson argued that Americans love their history, and Confederate statues help educate people about how the national culture has changed over time. Osefo countered that Confederate statues memorialize slave-owners and traitors, and the history they represent should not be glorified or upheld in a public setting.

“It absolutely deserves a place,” Pierson interjected, “because bad history is still good history for this country.”

“Slavery is good history?” Osefo asked in shock.

“Absolutely,” Pierson responded. “Where would we be today if not for that Civil War? How would people know how special and wonderful this country is?”

As the two continued to spar, Ainsley Earhardt eventually stepped in to calm things down.

“This is clearly a heated topic,” said the Fox host. “No one is racist, no one believes in bigotry.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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