Fox News Correspondent Delivers Horrific Report on Syria: While Trump Tweets About Sanctions, ‘There’s Evidence Today of War Crimes’


A new report out of Syria has described the horrific impact of Turkey’s military operation in the northern countryside, which continues to endanger Syrian civilians and U.S.-allied Kurdish forces.

Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst outlined a grim situation on Sunday when he reported that “there’s evidence today of war crimes being committed, civilians being targeted, and ISIS prisoners escaping.” Yingst said he couldn’t show these events, calling them “too graphic,” but he noted that these developments took place as Donald Trump’s administration withdrew American forces “meant to deter” Turkey from their incursion into the region.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was scrutinized by Fox’s Chris Wallace earlier today when he confirmed the pullout from Northern Syria. Yingst noted Esper’s remarks as he described the destructive upheaval caused by Turkish forces, the casualty numbers, and the 100,000 Syrian civilians who’ve reportedly fled from the violent outbreaks:

“To give you a better idea about what is unfolding on the ground, Turkish forces have taken over a number of key roads in the area. On one occasion, a prominent Kurdish politician was stopped, reportedly dragged from the vehicle and executed on the spot. The worst of humanity is unfolding today in Syria as President Trump tweets. Congress considers sanctions that wouldn’t actually be implemented until a later date and the world watches.”

Yingst was referring to Hervin Khalaf, co-chairwoman of the Syria Future Party, who was reportedly pulled out of her car and murdered by Turkish-affiliated militants.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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