Fox News’ The Five Mocks CNN Over Manu Raju, Sen. McSally Spat: Does He Need a ‘Therapy Llama?’


The hosts of Fox News’ The Five mocked CNN today over the network’s reaction to one of their reporters getting lambasted by Senator Martha McSally.

Yesterday CNN’s Manu Raju asked McSally about Senate witnesses and potentially hearing new evidence. McSally declined to answer the question and said, “You’re a liberal hack.”

Others at CNN defended Raju and ripped McSally, while the senator defended her comments to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham — who asked her the same question Raju did.

Dana Perino defended Raju as a “very good reporter” who’s just “trying to do his job,” while criticizing CNN for making it a “whole thing” instead of just ignoring it. She went on to say “it didn’t seem like’ McSally and noted, “She got a lot of ‘atta girl’s from people from the right, and I think that was one of the things that she was thinking.”

Jesse Watters said senators trash reporters all the time in private, before bringing up Fox News.

“How many times have senators and congressmen on the left said nasty stuff about us at Fox News? They have called us lunatics, hacks, conspiracy theorists. Things a lot worse,” he said. “We don’t go around and cry and put out press releases.”

Greg Gutfeld said the issue is clearly “about the network” specifically:

“This is a network that has pushed a three-year hoax. So everybody on the other side is like ‘I’m tired of this crap.’ They also push the most anti-law enforcement narrative I’ve ever seen on TV before Trump was in office. So there’s an inherent bias about dividing America. I do hope that Manu gets the medical help that he needs for this grievous injury. Do they have a therapy llama nearby or a therapy ferret that can keep him company?”

“It’s incredibly healthy for people in this world to view the press the same way that they look at pyramid schemes,” he continued. “That the only way the press can maintain power is to get you to believe in their story. The sooner you realize that, the healthier you are. So the more antagonism to the media there is, the better I feel. I’m saying this as somebody who is in the media. But I loathe the media.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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