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Fox’s Chris Stirewalt Says ‘Tribalism’ to Blame for Trump Supporters Backing ‘Venomous Snake’ Roseanne

Chris Stirewalt is reacting to the news of Roseanne‘s cancellation — calling the show’s demise a predictable outcome, given the track record of the lead actress.

The Fox News politics editor joined Dana Perino on Tuesday for a chat over ABC’s decision to pull the plug on Roseanne Barr‘s show because of her racist and incendiary tweetstorm. Stirewalt called the development a sign that “tribalism is getting worse and it is making people so stupid.”

Stirewalt went on to say that Barr’s controversial history wasn’t a secret, so President Donald Trump and his supporters apparently chose to ignore that and the possible repercussions when they coalesced around her and her revived sitcom.

“The amount of stupidity that is coursing through our body politic these days is pretty astonishing. It was hard to miss with Roseanne. Here is a person who has made her career out of being awful…She is a comedic version of a shock jock. Her whole employ was saying and doing outrageous things to get attention. When I saw conservatives and I saw Republicans gravitating to her because she was saying things they like about Donald Trump and they could claim her as one of their own, I thought ‘what a bad risk.'”

Stirewalt eventually threw out this colorful metaphor to explain the situation:

“This is like the animals in the wild. If certain stripe patterns let you know this is a venomous snake, stay away. And the fact that the president couldn’t stay away and a lot of his followers couldn’t stay away tells you intensity of tribalism.”

Trump has praised Roseanne for being a reflection of his voter base, but Stirewalt says it’s unclear whether political observers are right to suspect that POTUS will have something to say about ABC’s move in his speech at a rally in Nashville later tonight.

“I would say it would be smart to ignore her completely,” Stirewalt said. “This is an “L” for his tribe. But the danger here – if you defend her, then you go right into – because remember, Roseanne occupies the murkiest parts of the fever swamps of online conspiracy theorists.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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