Fox’s Henry Grills Kayleigh McEnany on Trump Threatening to Back Off Coronavirus Briefings: Were They a ‘Mistake?’


White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany railed against President Donald Trump’s political enemies on Monday while fending off questions about his conduct throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

McEnany gave an interview to Fox News’ Ed Henry, where she began by attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and singing Trump’s praises despite the pandemic’s economic impact. The conversation picked up the pace when Henry asked McEnany about a New York Post article about White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows claiming his “biggest concern” is Trump working so hard that he sometimes skips lunch.

“Is this White House striking the right tone?” Henry asked.

“I think you need to put that quote into context,” McEnany countered. “He made the point that the president is so busy and so hard at work and his concern is making sure he gets a bite to eat here and there…Of course we are concerned with all of those who lost loved ones. That is the preeminent concern of this White House, make no mistake about it.”

Later in the interview, Henry turned to the question of whether the White House will continue to hold daily briefings from the coronavirus task force. Today’s briefing was cancelled, which comes after Trump refused to take questions over the weekend and suggested he would roll back daily pressers because they’re “not worth the time & effort.”

As Henry touched on all of this, along with the public criticisms of Trump’s briefings, he asked McEnany “Are you finally acknowledging that maybe the briefings were a mistake?”

“No,” McEnany replied before gushing that the briefings were “a great opportunity for the president to speak to the American people.” She said Trump would hold a press availability during his meeting with business leaders today, and “there will be briefings throughout other portions of the week.”

The interview continued with Sandra Smith jumping in to have McEnany elaborate on whether briefings would continue, and whether Trump will still be present for them.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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