Fox’s Kennedy Defends Trump’s Reaction to Supporter Calling to Shoot Migrants: ‘He Was Joking’


Fired-up Fox Business host Kennedy begged Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov  on Outnumbered to “stop acting like [hateful rhetoric] is one-sided.”

Ilhan Omar retweeted something from Tom Arnold glorifying Rand Paul’s felonious assault, please stop acting like it’s one-sided. Please, please, please. Please,” Kennedy pointed out.

“The president had a rally where he said, talking about illegal immigrants, ‘What are we going to do about this?’ Somebody yelled ‘Shoot them’ and he said ‘That only happens in the panhandle,'” said Tarlov.

Kennedy said it was just a joke “”He said you can only get away with that in the panhandle. He was joking. It was a stupid joke. It was a bad response.”

Outnumbered co-host Melissa Francis reined the two back in from their spat. “”Let’s take a breath for a second. We are also looking at people getting together here to respond to victims of a horrible tragedy. So maybe let’s take it down a notch,” said Francis.

Co-host Lisa Boothe added that their feud only was only adding to the toxic political rhetoric. “I think the fact there is so much mudslinging on a day where we are supposed be honoring these victims, as well as visiting people struggling and fighting for their lives, in these two cities, shows the problem with politics today and the toxicity that exists.”

Kennedy added that people are “hyper-politicized” and just because someone is passionate about a candidate or issue does not mean they will act violently. She said it was not helpful to analyze the politics of a crazed killer.

“What about the pipe bomber?” asked Tarlov. “His lawyer in court said the defense was he became indoctrinated by what he saw on television.”

Tarlov said that many use mental illness as a “scape goat” and only a small percentage of mass shooters are mentally ill. “So you think that people who shoot a whole bunch of people aren’t crazy?” Francis pushed back.

Kennedy  called on Democrats to “act like grown-ups” and come together with Republicans for red-flag laws and background checks rather than “enumerating the president’s past verbal sins.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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