Fox’s MacCallum, Dem Rep Trade Blows in Heated Mueller Interview: ‘You’re Very Rude, Sir!’


Martha MacCallum and Sean Maloney (D-NY) were at each other’s throats on Thursday night when the Fox News host accused the congressman of being “very rude” to her in a conversation about Robert Mueller‘s report.

The blow-up happened as the two discussed Mueller’s determination that the special counsel probe could not establish a connection between the Trump campaign and Russian election interference. As MacCallum asked whether certain news developments were blown out of proportion over the course of the investigation, Maloney pivoted the chat toward multiple episodes of possible obstruction raised in Mueller’s report.

When MacCallum tried to interject a counterpoint, she and Maloney got heated with each other and repeatedly cut each other off as they tried to speak. Maloney kept going with statement he was making, to which, MacCallum scolded him with “you’re very rude sir! That was rude!”

The conversation deescalated after that and MacCallum offered an apology for getting heated before returning the conversation to her question on obstruction.

“You can call your guests as many names as you want,” Maloney began with his answer, which drew a visible jot of annoyance from MacCallum. She also responded with a very dry “really?” when Maloney remarked that “I would encourage you to stay focused on what matters,” namely the idea that the Trump campaign solicited assistance from a foreign power to win an election.

The segment wrapped shortly afterwards with MacCallum saying “I didn’t call you names, by the way, I just said you were rude in that exchange.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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