Fox’s Martha MacCallum Confronts Jason Miller: Why Wasn’t Trump More Forceful Condemning Violence Last Week?


Fox News’ Martha MacCallum confronted Trump adviser Jason Miller Wednesday night over why President Donald Trump wasn’t more unequivocal in denouncing violence last week, when it could have mattered more.

The president put out a statement Wednesday night, after he was impeached a second time, saying he doesn’t want his supporters to engage in violence.

MacCallum told Miller that after watching the video, “I couldn’t help thinking: why didn’t he say this at the rally, and why hasn’t he more forcefully called out… he was asked a question about on the way up to the campaign and he said ‘I don’t really know who they are’ and ‘I know they’re against pedophilia.’ And he was asked at the debate about the Proud Boys, he said ‘Stand back and stand by.'”

“If he had been so forceful and he had called these people out, said, ‘You’re not my followers, you do not represent me, I do not want to be associated with you in any way,’ we can’t wind the clock back, but would it have made a difference?” she asked.

Miller defended Trump’s rhetoric at the rally before the violent storming of the Capitol and touted how Trump is calling for finding “common ground” as part of a “healing process.”

“But he could have said that that day, Jason,” MacCallum shot back. “this is more than a week later. Six people died. He could’ve came out that day — and I know as well as you do, you were there, you’ve spent a lot of time with the president over the past week. Imagine if he had been this forceful what we saw today then. I think that everything would be a little different today.”

Miller tried to say Trump “did come out last week and condemn the violence.”

“He said it was a landslide, the journey’s just beginning, I love you,” MacCallum pointed out.

Miller again went back to saying this is a “healing process” and that “you can never appease” some people.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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