Fox’s Shep Smith and Chris Wallace Bury Trump’s Sanctuary City Proposal: ‘This Will Never Happen’


Fox News anchor Shepard Smith opened his show Friday with a breakdown of President Donald Trump‘s proposal to release detained immigrants into “sanctuary cities” to punish Democrats who oppose his hardline immigration agenda.

Trump on Friday confirmed a Washington Post report that he was considering transporting detained immigrants into such cities, which tend to have Democratic leadership.

“What the president is talking about is in fact illegal,” Smith said at the top of his show, before bringing in Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts to discuss.

Smith did some fact checking on the White House claims about Trump’s proposal, namely: “no Democrat, not one in Congress or otherwise, has called for open borders.”

“But the law is clear: you can’t do this,” Smith added. He turned to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, asking if the move is an “effort to change the news cycle.”

Wallace noted that despite the White House’s denial that the proposal is about political retaliation, Trump’s comments confirming he was considering the proposal “sure sounds like political retaliation.”

“Here’s my guess, and it is only a guess, take it for what it’s worth,” Wallace continued. “This will never happen.”

He added the proposal is likely an appeal to Trump’s base. “But will it ever happen? I will be shocked,” Wallace added.

“It’s a push for wall funding which isn’t coming,” Smith said, noting Democratic control of the House will thwart any attempt from Trump to build a wall on the southern border.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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