Fox News’s Shep Smith Goes off on Trump’s ‘Broken’ Promise on Wall


Fox News anchor Shepard Smith went off on President Donald Trump‘s refusal to reopen the government until Congress approves funding for his border wall, calling out his “long broken” promise to have Mexico pay for the structure.

Smith reported that lawmakers were proposing four separate bills that would reopen certain sections of the government closed by the partial shutdown.

“These four bills, ready to go, bipartisan support,” Smith said, “and the White House said no.”

Smith noted the White House is refusing to agree to those bills because of the alleged “crisis” at the southern border, which he noted is “arguably of their own making.”

He continued:

“The White House says no. And in essence, the answer is, ‘We want our wall. We want our border wall, like we promised, though we promised that the Mexicans would pay for it.’ So it’s not the promise. This is not keeping a promise. Even if they were get it, which the Democrats say they won’t, it would not be keeping a promise. Because we remember the promise. How could we forget it? We heard it for a month of Sundays, hundreds of times. ‘What are we going to build? A wall. Who is going to pay for it? Mexico.’ That was the promise. That promise is long broken, because Mexico is not going to pay for it.”

Smith then dismissed Trump’s attempt to claim that his renegotiated NAFTA trade deal with Mexico will pay for the wall, noting (1) that’s nonsense and (2) the trade deal hasn’t even been finalized.

“So that doesn’t pay for anything,” Smith said, adding the “country as a whole does not support” the wall.

Smith concluded by noting the president previously declared that he would own the current shutdown.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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