Frank Luntz Warns Republicans May Lose in Georgia Because of the ‘Damage’ Trump Is Doing Over the Election


Republican pollster Frank Luntz warned Sunday that he thinks both incumbent senators in Georgia could lose to their Democratic challengers because of what President Donald Trump is currently doing.

Joe Biden won the election, but the president has not conceded and is instead pushing all kinds of baseless claims to falsely insist that actually he won. Some Republicans have publicly acknowledged Biden’s victory, and the president’s response has been to attack those Republicans.

On MediaBuzz, Luntz first spoke with Howard Kurtz about the vaccine skepticism around the country.

He brought up Trump’s continued election grumblings to say it’s frustrating the president keeps going on about this instead of “tweeting about saving lives, about taking this vaccine.”

The Black community, the Latino community, the young Republican community, we need people to take the vaccine and that’s what the president should be talking about, and frankly that’s what the press should be talking about. Enough of the politics. Enough about what Trump is saying about the election. Focus on saving lives,” he added.

Kurtz pivoted to the election with a pretty direct question: “Can you imagine the conservative reaction if Barack Obama in 2012 lost the electoral college and was having meetings talking about… using the military, for example, to rerun the election in certain states?”

Luntz said “it feels like this president’s trying to do as much damage as he can, not just to Mitch McConnell, but the Republicans in the House and the Senate, and the press is glad to go along because it will help in the final race of 2020 in Georgia.”

He then warned, “I’m afraid and I believe that those two Republicans may well lose on the fifth of January because of what the president is doing right now. The media is helping him and this should not be happening, that that election should be waged separately from the ugliness that’s happening here in Washington.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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