Gabriel Sherman: Cohen Bombshell Doesn’t Violate Hannity’s Rules ‘Because He Doesn’t Have Any’


Following the bombshell revelation that Trump attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen’s mystery third client was none other than pro-Trump Fox News host Sean Hannity, media discussion immediately revolved around the journalistic ethics of Hannity covering and commentating on the Cohen story while not disclosing his legal relationship with Cohen.

Well, the way Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman described it, Hannity didn’t cross any boundaries on his programs because he doesn’t have any.

“Is there a rule, is there something about being a pundit or is a guy like Sean Hannity, certainly in the last 18 months, given his tight relationship with Trump were, his remarkably favorable interviews, the degree to which they talk, the advice that is sought from Sean Hannity by Donald Trump, the fact that Donald Trump tweets about Sean Hannity, does he have any rules he has to follow?” MSNBC’s Ali Velshi asked Sherman this afternoon. “And will this make any difference to Fox News viewers or more importantly, advertisers?”

“The short answer is no,” Sherman answered. “Clearly, Sean Hannity demonstrated he does not believe in any of the conventions that separated journalists and or commentators from the subjects they cover.”

After noting that Hannity had once lent his private jet to Newt Gingrich so he could interview to be Trump’s running mate during the 2016 campaign to make a point about the blurring of lines for Hannity, Sherman explained that Hannity would only be in trouble at Fox if the “corporate overlords” were unhappy.

“But in terms of the way Sean Hannity conducts his programs,” Sherman stated. “No, this doesn’t violate his rules because he doesn’t have any.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Sherman reported that Hannity retained Cohen to help defend himself against ad boycotts in the wake of Bill O’Reilly firing, something that Hannity has denied.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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