George Conway: Republican Defenses of Trump at Hearing ‘Were Fundamentally Illogical and Incoherent’


George Conway continued his surprising appearance on MSNBC panels covering the impeachment hearings and not disappoint loyal viewers eager for harsh criticism of Congressional Republicans in defense of President Donald Trump.

Conway has been a remarkably vocal critic of President Trump, whose volumes of tweets have only received more interest and attention due to the fact that his wife Kellyanne Conway serves as a senior advisor in the White House, which has brought great intrigue into the ins and outs of their marriage.

Conway was treated to the first commentary after the hearing effectively came to an end and told host Brian Wiliams that he didn’t “think the Republicans made much headway” in the days proceedings, adding that “non-partisan professionals” basically just telling viewers “the facts,” and “the facts are quite damning.”

He then turned to Republican congressmemmbers and said: “the defenses that were put up by the Republicans were fundamentally illogical and incoherent.” He then explained “one defense was, hey, they actually got the money…the Ukrainians got the money and Zelinsky didn’t make a statement,'” before adding “But the fact of the matter is, it was the ask that was illegal.”

“The second point they tried to make,” Conway added “was that the — these witnesses didn’t have firsthand communications with the President of the United States. Well, the reason why we don’t have the testimony of firsthand communications with the president of the United States is because the White House has been blocking that.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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