George Will in Fox Debut: Obama is ‘Rather Enjoying’ Gov’t Shutdown

In his first appearance since joining Fox News as a regular contributor, George Will weighed in on the state of the government shutdown Friday afternoon as part of Bret Baier’s panel on Special Report. Will observed that President Obama appeared to be “rather enjoying” the shutdown so far and suggested that the White House “created” it to help their own agenda.

“The President’s rather enjoying this,” Will told Baier, in reference to comments Obama made at a Washignton, D.C. sandwich shop earlier in the day, “and if the emblematic statement of the first Obama term was “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” this term defined after just nine months is “A crisis is a beautiful thing to create.”

Attempting to give some recent historical context to Obama’s behavior this week, Will added, “To understand his behavior in early October, you have to understand the disaster of September when he suffered two huge obstructions both involving core presidential powers: the power to use appointment and the power to use military force. And he suffered both at the hands of Democratic senators.”

Will said the shutdown has helped the president “change the subject” from his attempts to appoint Larry Summers as chairman of the Federal Reserve and use military force in Syria, both of which were rebuffed, at least in part, by his Democratic allies.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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