Geraldo Rivera Rips ‘Great Shrinking Dork’ Comey For Being ‘Another Washington Player’

On today’s broadcast of Fox News’ Outnumbered, there seemed to be a competition among the hosts on who could come up with the best insults for former FBI Director James Comey following his highly anticipated Senate testimony.

And I think it would be fair to say #OneLuckGuy Geraldo Rivera came out the clear winner.

With President Donald Trump’s personal attorney preparing to file a legal complaint against Comey for leaking memos, Rivera took aim at the ex-FBI chief for the leaks, claiming it showed he was just another member of “the swamp.”

“If he leaked this one big bombshell, this is not the first time,” Rivera said. “He’s not a novice at this. And you wonder really about, y’know, the integrity. Is he just another player — this great shrinking dork?”

He continued, “Is he just another Washington player? Another guy in the swamp?”

Co-host Harris Faulkner wanted to verify exactly what Geraldo called Comey, leading him to repeat “shrinking dork.”

Meanwhile, fellow host Kennedy attempted to steal Rivera’s thunder, referencing one of the more memorable moments from Comey’s testimony after Faulkner brought up the fact that Comey had a friend of his give a memo to the media.

“Oh lordy, I hope he told the media,” Kennedy exclaimed. “Lordy, Jim! What a sanctimonious fool! “He really undermined his entire story, his entire narrative with that one admission yesterday and it didn’t take a lot to get that out of him.”

Faulkner pointed out after Kennedy’s remarks that she was writing down the names she was hearing used for Comey. One would think on her scoresheet, she put a checkmark by Geraldo indicating he was the victor.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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