GOP Rep. Snaps Back at CNN Anchor: ‘I Might Answer Your Question If You Let Me Finish!’

During an interview on CNN this morning, Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) let his frustration with anchor Fredricka Whitfield boil over due to his feeling that she wasn’t allowing him to speak freely.

Brought on to discuss the recent release of the controversial Nunes memo, Wenstrup was continually pressed by Whitfield on the issue of the House Intelligence Committee voting to publicly release the GOP memo but not a Democratic minority report that supposedly rebuts the Nunes memo’s findings.

Wenstrup, a member of the House Intel Committee, asked for “a few minutes to talk” after Whitfield asked him to respond to Democratic criticisms. After saying the memo had nothing to do with the Mueller probe and that the Republican document had been vetted and scrubbed while the Democratic memo still needs to go through the process, Whitfield interjected to say Dems wanted both memos released simultaneously.

This led to the GOP congressman tossing out some more answers while the CNN anchor jumped in to press him on some issues she felt he wasn’t addressing, causing Wenstrub to snap back at her.

“It’s your show,” he said. “You can talk as much as you want. But let me finish.”

“I’m asking you a question,” Whitfield responded.

The Ohio lawmaker noted that he was answering her questions and proceeded to say that he felt it was important “that everything be put on the table” regarding the FISA process. Whitfield interrupted him again, leading Wenstrubg to grow visibly upset because he felt she wasn’t letting him finish. After Whitfield said she was interjecting because he was saying things that needed to be challenged, the Republican representative pushed back.

“I might answer your question if you let me finish!” he sternly stated.

“I have plenty of time,” the CNN host replied.

Watch the tense exchange above, via CNN.

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